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"Chad has the unique ability to turn his experiences and the experiences of others into a guidebook that will inspire many healthy conversations. This is Chad's superpower."
-Morgan Freeman

"Daring, urgent and transformative. Not only did the stories and interviews in Black Magic forever change how I think about leadershipand culture, they challenged me as a parent, friend and citizen. This book will be required reading in our organization."
-Brené Brown
Author of five #1 New York Times bestselling books

"I greatly enjoyed Black Magic. I found it to be, at once, pulverizing, educational and inspirational in a way that feels accessible. You should read this book."
-Shea Serrano, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"Black Magic
is the book we need urgently in this moment. Chad's voice is clear, direct, and honest. There is so much for us all to learn from the lives explored in this beautiful read."
-Angie Martinez
New York Times bestselling author and The Voice of New York

"Our world has never been more at peril, our country never more divided, and the need for smart, unifying voices never more clear. Chad's perspective is bold and unapologetic while simultaneously being inclusive and nonjudgmental-an incredibly difficult balance that Black Magic achieves marvelously."
-Will Packer, record breaking film and TV producer

"One of our rising literary voices has found words for pains felt, for abuses endured, and for injustices imposed. All in a way that empowers and inspires us to rise."
-Tom Straw
Emmy-nominated producer and New York Times #1 bestselling author

"An astonishingly original book! Chad Sanders makes a compelling case for the magic to be found in leveraging your authentic self in a business world that emphasizes conformity."
-Cal Newport, New York Times bestselling author